I am an artist who's highly motivated and passionate about working in the film/ television/ advertising industry. These years in New York, I was used to do these positions such as Animation director, 2d-animatior, storyboarder, concept artist and mural artist. Fortunately, my personal film CAGE has won several awards and nominations from 30+ international animation festivals such as Oscar - 43rd Student Academy Awards finalist nomination, 48th ASIFA-EAST top award winner, the BEST IN SHOW 2017. Confidently, I can tell you that I'm experienced in bringing a story concept from the early script and storyboarding stage all the way to the final animation and composite. My goal, through illustration and animation, is to create characters that the audience can empathize with; to create emotional details that make people feel a little more human.


Currently I am living in New York city and look forward to finding like-minded people to start working with and share my love for animation and visual concept art. I really appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Du, Pengpeng (Dupp)








MFA, Pratt Institute 

BA, Tsinghua University





Short Animation: "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS" 2018.

Position: Producer & Animation director

Official Selection, Harlem International film Festival, 2019.

Official Selection, Philadelphia Independent film Festival, 2019.





Short Film: “SUNFLOWER ”, 2018.

Position: Animation director

Official Selection & Live Screening, 25th Annual SEDONA International film Festival, 2019.

Winner, MINDFIELD film Festival, 2018.

Semi-Finalist, UTAH film Festival, 2018.

Winner, HOLLYWOOD film competition, 2019.

Official Selection & Live Screening, IIFF International film Festival, 2019.





Commercial  Animation: “Biscotti. Una storia buona” / 

"Cookies, a good story", Cabrioni, 2017.

Position: Characters' Visual Design & Development,

One of  Animation Leads.

Nomination in Best Animated Television/ Broadcast Commercial, 45th Annual Annie Awards 2018.





Personal Short Animation: “CAGE’折枝 ”, 2015.

"Finalist"/ Nomination, 43rd Student Academy Awards ( Oscar ), 2016.

Nomination & Live Panel Speaker, Hua International Short film Festival; World Live Screening in NYC, LA, Tokyo, Beijing and Sydney, 2017.

BEST IN SHOW / Top Award Winner, 48th ASIFA-EAST, 2017.

"STAFF PICK", vimeo, 2018.

"Finalist"/ Nomination, 3rd North America Chinese Director Short Film Tour, 2018.

Official Selection for Special Recommendation & Live Screening, The 6th China Independent Animation Film Forum (中国独立动画电影论坛)2017.


"Stars of Students", Special Official Selection & Live Screening, the16th HIROSHIMA

International Animation festival, 2016.

Special Mentions Award & Official Selection, 11th Annual Athens Animafest, 2016.

Winner of Merit Award, BEST-SHORTS Competition, 2016.

Winner Award of Merit, Accolade Global Film Competition, 2016.

Best Animation Student Short, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, 2016.

Winner, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, January 2016 Edition.

Winner, 10th Annual Red Rock Film Festival, 2016.

Best Animation, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Dec 2015.

Nomination for Best International Student Animation & Live Screening, 4th Annual Animation Dingle Film Festival, 2016.

Nomination for Best Animation Award & Live Screening, 4th Annual Cardiff International Film Festival, 2016.

Nomination for Best Animation Short Film, TMC London Film Festival, March 2016.

Nomination & Live Screening, 6th Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, 2016.

Nomination & Live Screening, 9th Annual NIFF-Naperville Independent Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 36th Annual Breckenridge Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, GALACTIC COLORS Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 25th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 14th Annual Competition of Imaginaria, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 12th Annual Athens Digital Arts Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 19th Annual AVANCA International film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 12th Annual Korea Independent Animation Film Festival,


Official Selection & Live Screening, 17th Sacramento Film and Music Festival,2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 4th Annual Animaze: The Montreal International Animation Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection for Pulcinella Award, 19th Annual Cartoon On the Bay, 2016.

Official Selection, 15th Annual Nickel Independent Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 7th Annual NYC-Independent Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection for Best Animated Movie Award, 6th Annual Animated Movies Festival Animocje, 2016.

Official Shortlisted for The Online Audience Award, Short of The Year, 2016.

Official Selection, 7th Annual “Golden Kuker – Sofia” International Animation Film Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Screening, 10th Annual MAUVAIS GENRE Festival, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 4th La Guarimba Film Fest, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, ANGAELICA_CGIFF, 2016.

Official Selection & Live Screening, 15th Great Lakes International Film Festival, 2016.





Personal Short Animation: “Ya-er'芽儿”, 2009.


Official Selection & Live Screening, 11th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China 2009 for animation premiere. Celebrating the 60th Anniversary for Foundation of People’s Republic of China.

Award of Excellence, 2009 National Collegiate Animation Competition of China International Comics Festival.

Award of Excellence, Academician Short Animation Festival of Hai Xia Liang An, 2009.

Silver Award, Univercity Students Contests by SUR IECT in BeiJing.


Publishment, China Xinhua Daily Newspapers Groups, Sep 2015 - Nov 2015. Projects published on China Xinhua Daily Newspapers from Nov 8th to Nov 17th 2015.

Publishment, Nanjing Morning News. Sep 2011- Oct 2011. A 1.8 meter length drawing describes the whole Nanjing city. Published in Nanjing Morning News, Oct 28th, 2011. Applying for Guinness World Records.


Group Exhibition, Mural/ Graffiti, That Samurai. 12C Outdoor Gallery (12th st/ Ave C). One day challenging wall painting with Friend Tango in manhattan downtown on 9-11-2016, New York.

Group Exhibition, Kongzi Toy Design. HelloKongzi IN NEW YORK. A Pop Up New Media Carnival in Grand Central, Vanderbilt Hall, Manhattan. Feb-2016.

Group Exhibition, Drawing, ReBirth. 30'x59' inches. It was accepted in 2014 year's Drawing Democracies show in Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

_________________________________________________________LECTURE & PANEL

 Panel Speaker, Hua International Short film Festival; World Live Screening in NYC, 11-11-2017.

Lecture, topic "交流电" in Beijing Film Academy, Animation School. 4-17-2018.

 Panel Speaker,3rd North America Chinese Director Short Film Tour, Live Screening in NYC, 2018.


Exclusive Interview on news paper, June 14, 2018, GLOBAL TIMES.

Exclusive Interview , Jan 29, 2018, XIN PIAN CHANG/新片场.

Exclusive Interview , Feb 22, 2018, XUESHUPA/动画学术趴.

Exclusive Interview , Dec 12, 2017, Sohu-OPEN/开腔.

Exclusive TV Interview, Sep 2, 2016, New York Sinovision. Live talk-show about my New Animation and my latest Student Academy Awards nomination.

Exclusive Interview, Dec 30, 2011, Zhou Tao Storytelling of NJTV, interviews me in my home talking about my creation-life, my personal Animation creation and the history of our city Nanjing.

Radio Talk-Show & Interview, Dec 16, 2011, 20:30~21:30, Story Club of Jiangsu Radio Story/AM585 in Jiangsu Radio and Television Station. 1 hour live radio talk-show about my life and creation story and my Animation design.

Radio Talk-Show & Interview, Feb 28, 2018, E036, 故事FM,大象工会/ Elephant Magazine, China.

_________________________________________________________OTHER AWARDS

First Prize Winner, Best Art & Fantasy section in the Original Star national art, Apr 2010.

Award of Outstanding Chief Designer, 20th Anniversary of Red Cross Society of Tsinghua, Jun 2008.