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2D-Digital, 2015

Life is liberty in a CAGE. CAGE represents a situation that is filled with a lot of constraints, or a habit or an addiction that is hard to get rid of. This project is to present a Chinese cultural and traditional visual style to audiences. On the other hand, CAGE tries to inspire them to recall their memory and consider what is the meaning of life to them individually.



(Individual; Drew on Paper)


This animation is focus on the details and is my precious memory. Detail shows love. That being said you only live once and I try to bring more fun and possibly funny to those I loved. This graduation project is the respectfully praise for my family.

BeeTrue Honey



Concept designer and Storyboard artist


3D animation character with the mini food set.

Selected to CGMeetup

The making of site:


A Balloon For Ben (Cineplexmovies)


2d Animator 

In a magical world where balloons are filled with the light of film, only popping them releases the beautiful movies within. Will Ben and his father get a chance to pop their balloon before it loses its light forever?

Watch Making of:

Production Co: Hornet
Director: Yves Geleyn




2d Animator

Known for their 2D storytelling, created this very stylish and flirty spot for Tsawwassen Mills outlet. 

Production Co: Hornet
Director: Dan and Jason


Cuties ‘There’s a Place’


Matte Painter

Emmanuelle & Julien via Bailey Lauerman take us on a sunshine journey through Cuties Country. The film depicts lovable characters situated in a vibrant and rich environment embodying the warmth and sweetness one associates with Cuties.

Production Co: Hornet
Director: Emmanuelle & Julien


Cadillac Fairview


Matte Painter


Building upon Fairview's successful holiday campaign which introduced us to the Tufties last year, Emmanuelle & Julien and Montreal's Bleublancrouge create this season's film.

Production Co: Hornet
Director: Emmanuelle & Julien


Mindgamers - Episode 2 - Unified Theory


ATTN: Nuna Charafeddine   CNN Courageous Studio


Producer: Mahala Gaylord

Animation Director: Dupp

Concept Design & Style Frames: Dupp

Storyboard: Angela De Vito

Animators: Dupp, Angela De Vito, Qinqing W,

                    Elena Manetta, Lauren Schmidt

Compositor: Xizhe Wang, Dupp

An animation short project done for a feature film #MindGamersMovie and CNNTech.

Official site here:…/TerraMater/Mindgamers/


Foods of the Rainbow | The Feelingwells (Sesame Studios)


Characters‘  rough animation and lips

Eating healthy is easy if you remember to include all of the colors of the rainbow. Eating all the colors of the rainbow gives you good energy to learn, play and grow! Keep watching and subscribe to get new episodes every Wednesday!




GETOVERHER - Hoop Nose Ring 


2d Animator

As the illustrious pop-song on his debut album, BLACKWATCHSAD, Hoop Nose Ring is a love letter from one man, GETOVERHER (AKA Jason Scott Henderson,) to the diverse rainbow of women in his hometown of NYC, with the understanding that the future is female.

Song by GETOVERHER - featuring Snappy Jit & KAR
Produced by MNTN
Director: Jenna Josepher + Ege Soyuer



Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp





Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp





Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp





Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp





Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp





"Live it. Sketch It. Share It."


Characters Dev & 2D Characters‘ animating





Director: Dan & Jason
Animator & Visual Dev: Dupp




Amitabha (Demo)

Individual Independent Animation


Geiggo & Oliver



A little love story occurs near by Pratt, Brooklyn,NY in those "Sandy" days.

《 Jiong Xi You 》 Season 2 (2016), episode -1



Animation and Art director;

Concept design & Illustrating.


Remotely contract commercial project with Feiyu Technology International Compony Ltd.( Creating and producing a Illustrating styled, 30-seconds opening animation for his origninal TV series Jiong Xi You. Officially published on Tencent.






Concept design

Key-frames painting.




Sense of A Woman

* * * (Dubbed by Dupp)

Learning how to imitate a character's voice and rhythm of speaking with considering his emotion and mood, also would be a particular method for understanding this character.


A Tention

Python coding & Maya


The title of this project means “tension”. I wish to transfer my emotion to audience by the melody and the transformation that expand and shrink following a gloomy melody.


BeeTrue Logo Animation





Concept Design




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